High Energy Forages and Soil Building Cover Crops

ABOUT King's AgriSeeds, Inc.

Thank you for choosing Kings AgriSeeds. Our goal is to help you develop forage and cropping systems that are balanced and profitable. We have a strong dealer network serving farms in the Mid-Atlantic to New England region. Our dealer network is supported by several agronomists and livestock professionals. Our core strength is in forage systems and cover crops.

In addition, we also carry Masters Choice corn that is not only a superior corn for livestock farms, but excellent for grain production as well. This web site and our Product Information Guide are samples of the information that we have to offer you, as our customer.

We offer a vast product line of improved varieties and hybrids, and strive to educate you not just on our products but mainly where they fit on your farm. Currently, we offer a wide range of individual species and many mixtures as well.


Tim Fritz - Forage Agronomist/Owner/General Manager. Tim grew up on a dairy farm in Lancaster County, PA. After high school, he earned a BS in Agronomy from Penn State, followed by a Masters Degree in Agronomy from Washington State. After college, Tim worked as a Penn State Extension Agent for nine years, specializing in agronomy and dairy.

After farmers began asking difficult questions about management intensive grazing, he developed an interest and began to learn. Grazing soon became a passion and his home farm, where he milked cows on weekends, adopted a high production hybrid grazing system. This program worked very well, allowing him to move full time to the family farm and relocate the dairy from Lancaster, PA to Springfield, TN. At Fritzglen Dairy, Tim was in charge of developing the business plan, the farm infrastructure, and the forage system, including grazing and the accounting system.

Tim returned to Penn State as a Farm Management Extension Agent for two years, until entering the forage seed business. Tim started with Kings in 2002, when Aaron King approached him about developing the technical and marketing side of the business. In 2007, Tim began the process of purchasing Kings as Aaron set the plan in motion for moving his family to Indiana. In 2008, Tim became majority owner of Kings AgriSeeds and has since worked as the active General Manager, as well as one of Kings’ Technical Agronomist.

Tim lives with his wife and four children in Atglen, PA.

Rod Porter - Sales & Support serving New York, New England and northeastern PA. Rod has many years of experience in seed sales, technical agronomy and business management. With an Agronomy degree from Cornell, Rod provides excellent technical, marketing and test plot planning support to his region.

Rod lives with his wife outside Trumansburg, New York and you can best reach Rod on his cell phone, (607) 227-0836 or via e-mail rodporter@kingsagriseeds.com.

David Hunsberger - Sales & Support serving the majority of Pennsylvania. David has over 20 years of experience as a dairy nutritionist, and as active dairy farm owner/manager in Mifflintown, PA. David’s key strength is that he has years of firsthand experience growing and feeding King’s products. David has degrees from Hesston College and Delaware Valley College in Dairy Husbandry. He offers excellent technical advice on crop rotation planning and seed selection.

David lives with his wife in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania and you can best reach David on his cell phone, (814) 880-5186 or via e-mail davidhunsberger@kingsagriseeds.com.

Tracy Neff - Genetic Advancement/Sales & Support. Tracy grew up on his family’s truck farm in York County, Pennsylvania.

With a B.S. in Agronomy from Penn State University, Tracy began working in the seed industry for Hoffman Seeds (15 years) and Syngenta (5 years). While working as a Product Development Agronomist and Manager of Quality Assurance, Tracy’s main job was to test, develop, and select new products to bring to market from a number of suppliers and monitor the quality of the products being sold. Tracy worked with soybeans, corn, wheat and alfalfa. Tracy has many years of experience in agronomic businesses, as well as planning and conducting test plot research. Tracy provides outstanding technical and product placement support.

Tracy lives in Manchester, York County, PA. You can contact Tracy best on his cell phone at (717) 891-2343 or by e-mail tracyneff@kingsagriseeds.com.

Susan K. Mellinger – Administrative Assistant. Susan grew up in Southern Lancaster County where the love of agriculture grows strong. After high school Susan attended both Penn State University and Harrisburg Area Community College graduating in 2011 with a degree in Agricultural Business. She started work at King’s in January of 2012. Susan keeps track of all seed tags, mailings and organic information as well as many other office projects.

Joshua Baker – Marketing Manager. Joshua started with King’s in the fall of 2011, after graduating from Berry College (Rome, GA) the previous spring. With roots in livestock production, Joshua is passionate about all facets of agriculture and excited to serve producers through King’s. Within his current role, Joshua is responsible for communicating the ideas of King’s to the general public through various media forms. Additionally, he works closely with the King’s Regional Coordinators to help grow the dealer network as well as the scope of the individual dealer to better serve the end users.

Genevieve Slocum– Assistant Marketing Manager, Genevieve grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and got her start in agriculture as a research intern at The Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA, where she began to learn and become enthusiastic about the basics of agronomy and cover crops for organic farmers. She then became an Editorial Assistant for the Institute’s online publication, and continued to write about agriculture for various magazines and websites, as well as work on several vegetable farms in southeastern Pennsylvania. In 2010, she earned a Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.  She is excited to learn more about livestock production and agronomy through her role at King’s.

Janet B. Groff - Accounts Payable / Receivable- Janet has worked in customer service for many years. She previously worked at a local office supply store in customer service and order entry for corporate accounts.

Janet enjoys working with customers and focusing on the detail required for accurate records in book keeping. Janet lives with her husband just outside Lancaster, PA.

Please contact Janet at (717) 687-6224 or janetgroff@kingsagriseeds.com if you have any billing issues or questions.

David O. Wilson – Forage Research Agronomist/Farming Systems. Dave grew up in Bethlehem, PA and became interested in farming by working on his uncle’s farm for many summers. He graduated from Delaware Valley College with a B.S. in Agronomy. His work experience includes dairy farming, maize breeding research, certified hybrid corn seed production, certified soybean and small grain seed production, organic cropping systems research, agricultural crop protectent product research and farming systems.

Dave manages our test plots, works with dealers and regional coordinators on evaluating new and existing products, and speaks at most of King’s meetings. Dave also assists in training King’s dealers in technical skills and in the various forage systems.
You can contact Dave at davidwilson@kingsagriseeds.com or call him on his cell phone at (717) 682-1679.

Micah Bates - Northern Region Dealer Support. Micah graduated from Morrisville State College in 2007 and Dordt College in Iowa in 2009 with degrees in Ag Business. After graduating from college, Micah worked with Growmark Crop Center in central NY where he did both application and sales work. Micah left that job to fulfill a dream of working on a combine crew out west during the summer of 2010, and he joined the King's support team in November 2010.

Micah's contact info is: 2919 Cincinnatus Rd., Cincinnatus, NY 13040 Cell Phone: (607) 345-8726 Email: micahbates@kingsagriseeds.com

Ken Muckenfuss - Consultant to King’s Agriseeds. Ken is part of the K.O.W. Consulting Association, advising in dairy nutrition, soil fertility, crop planning, and financial management with dairy farms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio. He has degree in Agronomy from Delaware Valley College. He has worked in soil conservation for the state of New Jersey and his own conservation business. He also ran a 300+ acre organic farm for 30 years in New Jersey. He moved to Pennsylvania in 2005 as his consulting business expanded. He serves the Kings’ staff, dealers and client base as technical advisor.