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King’s AgriSeeds services the Southeastern, Middle Atlantic and New England regions of the United States by providing a full line of forage seed, Masters Choice corn hybrids and cover crop seed.

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Celebrate National Forage Week, June 21-June 27

Since its founding in 1993, King’s AgriSeeds has been focused on forages. Our goal is to provide the agricultural community with the highest quality forage genetics available. We couple this with cutting edge research and information to help producers grow and feed more forages on every acre. As we continue to find ways to serve you, our goal during the week of June 21 is to join the American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC) in promoting the benefits and worldwide impact of forage production within agriculture. Join us in spreading the word about forages within your network during this week!

Without question, forages are the most important plants on earth. Forage grasses provide most of the nutrition for cattle, sheep, goats, horses and mules. Forage accounts for about 25 percent of the total value of U.S. agriculture, occupies about 50 percent of the total land area of the U.S. and provides wildlife habitat.

Did you know?
• An acre of forage can prevent 2 million pounds of soil from eroding each year.
• U.S. dairy farmers use forage to produce 20 billion gallons of milk each year – enough for every person in the country to drink 1 gallon per week for
the entire year.

Click to view and print the flyers below to help promote livestock producers and homegrown forages.

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ForagesForages – We specialize in perennial and annual mixtures designed for your backyard and offer a full line of improved varieties from around the world selected for local performance. We have been focusing on high quality forages since 1993 when our company was founded by Aaron King, a dairy grazier. We offer a comprehensive line of forages including certified organic and our staff is well versed in forage management.
Cover CropsCover Crops – Cover crops are rapidly gaining popularity for many uses ranging from no-till grain production to organic farming. No-till farmers are finding that cover crops are a major key to successful transition and continual productivity. Organic and vegetable farmers have also increased their use of cover crops. We have developed several mixtures of cover crops that can improve your soils productivity and reduce your fertility costs at the same time. Learn more…
CornMasters Choice Corn – Masters Choice hybrids are unique to the industry. They fit into two major use areas: The first is livestock feed as either corn silage or digestible grain. Starch digestibility is the latest focus for farmers and nutritionists. Masters Choice hybrids have high starch digestibility and higher sugar levels when used as a silage. The second major use of Masters Choice corn is for the grain pipeline and MC hybrids yield exceptionally well with or without traits. Masters Choice has an excellent selection of conventional non-traited corn, several certified organic hybrid and many traited hybrids. Learn more…
Masters Choice floury starch corn featured in American Dairymen


Success with Master’s Choice: Smith MW Farms (Hunter Smith, Newport PA)

Performance in the Field…

Hunter Smith planted Masters Choice 6583 in 2013 in search of a corn hybrid that would yield well on his shale soils and provide the nutritional quality he needs to maintain his high production herd. In the past Hunter had planted BMR corn, but was beginning to see that the yield drag associated with BMR was not sustainable for his farm. He needed tonnage to feed his 400+ cow herd. The MC 6583 yielded well (18-20 tons respectively). In comparison, the BMR had been yielding ~15 tons and even worse than that on really dry years. 

Performance in the Barn…

As the cows transitioned into the MCT6583, they saw in increase in milk production by ~3lb/head. Everything else was constant in the ration; the only change was the substitution of the MCT6583 into the ration. In addition to the increase in milk,  the cows cleaned up the MCT6583, which greatly reduced the amount of cleanout in the trough. This year Hunter and crew are utilizing multiple Masters Choice varieties (MCT 6581, MCT 4211, MCT 4884, MCT 5324, MCT 5663, MCT 6151 )


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  2. June 18 @ 7:30 am - 2:00 pm

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    Williamsburg, PA: Cover Crop Field Day

System approach = more forage, milk, manure-use per acre, Farmshine, November 7, 2014

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